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Laminate Flooring from Anselone Flooring at Affordable Prices

When laminate floors first burst upon the flooring scene, they were marketed as poor cousins to hardwood flooring. Advances in production and innovative designs have elevated into its own elite category.

Laminate borrowing from nature and beyond

High definition digital imaging gives laminate flooring the ability to appear to be:
  • Hardwood
  • Stone
  • Minerals

Wood-laminates channel domestic hardwoods like oak, maple, walnut and cherry; more exotic selections may include bamboo, mahogany, rosewood and ipé. Formats emulate hardwood – planks available in narrow and wide widths, high gloss or low gloss finish, textured surfaces like hand-scraped or distressed.

The stability built into laminate flooring, permits large format squares and rectangles that offer rigorous performance. Whether you are looking for Carrera marble, limestone pavers or slate, laminate flooring requires less preparation for installation, and is most suitable for areas where the considerable weight of real stone flooring would preclude its use.
Lock in laminate floors in Norwood,  MA from Anselone Flooring

Lock in laminates

Each manufacturer has a proprietary installation procedure for laminate flooring. Most offer a form of click-and-lock modules that connect without adhesives or nails. This allows for a free-floating floor that is ideal over increasingly popular radiant heating systems.

Laminate flooring’s construction allows it to withstand variations in temperature and moisture and the free-floating installation permits expansion and contraction. Laminate is an informed choice for flooring installations below grade.

Selecting laminate flooring

Laminate is made up of a series of components that integrate to produce the flooring. The top layer is a clear overlay with a protective finish that may last for over 10 years. Beneath that is the high definition digital image that informs the product – wood, stone, mineral. Beyond that are core layers that provide the strength and form of the product. Finally, a sound reducing underlay can be attached directly to the underside of the laminate, or laid separately as a membrane.

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