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Anselone Flooring Offers Carpet Options Galore

Carpet is comfortable underfoot, complements most décors and is a hardwearing option as a flooring choice. At Anselone Flooring we offer you a selection of carpeting that:
  • Spans the colorwheel
  • Includes heritage wool and technically amazing synthetic fibers
  • Has every kind of style from flat Berbers to fluffy shags
  • Is simple to maintain and keep clean
  • Backs up every purchase with a warranty

With so many great features, it’s not surprising that carpeting is a popular choice that pleases customers who demand choice, quality and value.

Keeping carpet clean

Wool carpeting fibers have natural soil resistance. The oils in wool repel dirt, making pick up by a vacuum easy. Wool is also stain resistant, but don’t let the offending mishap linger, and soak into the fiber.

Manufacturers are offering carpet that has stain and soil resistance built right into the carpet fiber. Polyester fibers, and their close cousin Triexta, have brought carpeting into a new age. These carpets repel soil, withstand punishing wear and clean up to look like new. Nylon and olefin fiber carpets have premium aesthetics with less wearability, at an affordable price point.

Depending on the manufacturer’s warranty requirements and recommendations, professional cleaning is a reasonable service that can freshen up a carpet looking fatigues from age, high traffic or through the antics of young children and pets. Knowing your carpet’s warranty is helpful in terms of maintenance and life expectancy.
Carpet styles in Norwood,  MA from Anselone Flooring

Carpet styles

Carpet can be cut pile, loop pile or cut-and-loop pile. Cut pile has loops that are cut, giving the carpet a plush, dense feel with a definite nap. The more twist a yarn has in a cut pile carpet, the harder wearing and easier keeping it is.

The familiar Berber carpeting is an example of loop carpeting. A more flat carpet without nap, loop carpet is a frequent choice for commercial applications because of its impressive ability to withstand traffic.

Cut-and-loop pile carpet combines both types of pile, giving the carpet a highly textured look. This carpet wears well and hides evidence of foot traffic.

If you are a homeowner in Mansfield, Easton, Brocton or Taunton, MA, call us stop by our showroom in Mansfield to meet with a carpet flooring expert about your flooring needs.

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