Does plank size matter with luxury vinyl flooring?

Does plank size matter with luxury vinyl flooring?

When you install luxury vinyl plank or tile, you'll probably be amazed at how easy the project is! A change in flooring can upgrade the entire space.

Plank size matters, however, in any interior design plan. It creates mood, highlights, and accents various design elements and even fashions a focal point. Consider your design goals and style, and ensure you understand the space.

You'll need to consider room size, shape, light sources, and traffic flow.

Plank sizes

Luxury vinyl comes in two formats: vinyl plank or LVP and luxury vinyl tile.

Planks come in sizes, but standard lengths are 36 and 48 inches. Widths range from four to twelve inches, with six and nine being the most common.

If you're using tiles, also called LVT, know that they have standard sizes of nine, twelve, and eighteen inches square. They can, however, easily be cut into custom sizes.

Just like hardwood boards, wide planks create few visual interruptions. It can make an already big room look even more prominent, giving it an open, airy feeling. Large format tile-sized pieces can also accomplish the same thing.

Wider isn't suitable for all settings, however. For example, they can make a narrow room look small. Alternatively, narrow planks can also make a large room look cluttered.

Distinctive layouts

While these are trending in hardwood, they are all possible with LVP. In addition, a distinctive layout adds visual appeal.

Random width floors have been getting particular attention. Others include diagonal, herringbone, staggered, or horizontal.

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